Saturday, December 4, 2010

Essence Studio Nails

Hi guys!

A few months ago, I bought Nail Fashion Stickers from Essence Studio Nails. In the days after I bought them, I read many bad reviews about them. Because of that I was demotivated to try them out so they have been lying around for quit some time now. But I finally decided to try them out because I really like the design I got. Its foil silver base with black random lines.

There are some instructions on the package about how to apply the stickers. After cleaning the nails and choosing the right size for all the 10 fingers, you just apply them. Afterwards you have to file off the excess of the sticker.

My overall experience with these is not good. The problems already started when I wanted to find the right sizes for my fingers. I don’t have small nailbads, so most stickers weren’t wide enough for my nails. Applying them went even worse: the sticker doesn’t adhese very well and its not easy to get rid of the wrinkles. Above that, the stickers didn’t last up to 5 days like its said on the package. Even with a topcoat (Seche Vite) the sticker began to peel off after only one day.

I think the stickers are a good alternative if you need to go to a party and don’t have much time to polish your nails. They are very cheap, only 1.99€ for one package with 14 nail stickers, and they have a nice variety of designs.


- creative and very nice patterns

- cheap


- doesn’t last very long

- not easy to apply

- not easy to find a good size of the stickers for a finger

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!