Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back from being Blue

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry it has been a while since I had a post. Due to circumstances I haven't really been thinking much about the blog lately. But I'm back, so thats all that matters! :)

As you can see, I changed the lay-out of the blog a little bit. I got bored of the old one, so experimented a little with the background. I hope you like it! If you have any tips to improve the lay-out, feel free to tell me!

Since my last nail polish haul in Semptember, I was on a no-buy. Since the beginning of December, that's over, thank god! I had a swap with someone from the US + I made an order on ebay with some polishes from the winter collections. So I have a lot to show you guys in the next weeks.

I'm also super excited for the upcoming China Glaze Collections. China Glaze showed some swatches from their upcoming Spring Collection "Anchors Away" on twitter and they really look great. I think I'll get the entire collection! I'm also excited for their Tronica and Crackle collection! I would really like to see some swatches, so lets hope they don't let us wait to long!

As I already said, I recently made a swap with a fellow nailpolish lover on MUA. I wanted some Pure Ice and Sally Hanson polishes and she wanted some Catrices. The first polish I want to show you from this swap is French Kiss from Pure Ice. I fell in love with this polish the moment I saw swatches online. I generally love blue polishes, so this couldn't go wrong! Since their practically no sun here and I do not own a light box, I took pictures without and with flash:

French kiss is a beautiful medium blue creme. It applies like butter and I really like the formula from Pure Ice. I have two others (Purple Reign and Heartbreaker) waiting to be swatched, but I think I'll love those too!

Thank you guys for stopping by and hope to see you a next time!