Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation Haul

Hi guys, I'm back!

I had a great vacation, spend wonderful time with my family. I'm happy to be back, but also really sad because I'll go back in two years so I'll have to miss most of my family until then. :(

My nails are in a really bad shape right now, I haven't had the time to file and take care of them while I was away, so most of them broke off. I just filed them all short and I will have to wait until they get strong again.

Nail polish is really cheap in Ethiopia (7 birr for one polish, so thats about 0,40 euro or 0,52 dollar), so off course I went on a nail polish hunt. The quality isn't very good, (I don't expect anything more for that kind of money), the formula is a bit on the thick side, but nothing a little thinner can't fix. I presume none of them are B3F.

I'll just show you what I've got! I haven't had the time to make full swatches of everything, so I just swatched everything quickly on 1 finger. I'll be wearing the polishes the coming days so I'll post my NOTDs later!

Here are picture of everything together. I didn't buy very much because the range of colors was very limited.

I also found some nail art pens, unfortunatly they only had black & white and one yellow. After testing these I will probably order some other online if I like them!

Here are the quick swatches of the polishes.

First up are the "True Lover" polishes, they don't have a name, just numbers.

A shimmery - for me - nude polish.

A bloody red creme.

A shimmery gold.

Next up are "F.C.C. Nail Polish" polishes, they also don't have a name.

This is a white creme from FCC Nail Polish. Its opaque in 2 coats, so I wanted to get a back up bottle. I couldn't find the same bottle, but then I stumbled upon a white polish, in a different bottle, but from the same brand.

A bordeaux creme.

"Nail Lexus" polishes, also without names.

A bright red creme.

A bloody dark red creme.

A shimmery pink.

"M Nail Polish" (same brand, different bottles?)

A beautiful blurple. This one is my favorite.

A purple with little silver glitters.

And at last two brands from which I got one of each.

A bright blue, almost neon nail polish.

A mix of purple & silver mini glitters. I thought this one would be great for layering so I layered it over the blurple one from M Nail Polish. This is the result:

Hell I was right! I LOVE this combination!

So thats all folks! Hope you enjoyed to see these polishes!

Thanks for stopping by,