Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do you wear blue jeans?

Hi guys

As most of you probably know, Catrice has added 3 new nail polish colors to their core line: Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!, Run Forest Run! and Absolutely Chinchilly!. I got HQWBJ! and RFR!. I’m showing you Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! today. I had great expectations for this one, because it has a beautiful shimmer when you look at the bottle.


As you can see, it looks beautiful. I was hoping that It would look like this on the nails. Boy, I really was dissapointed. Take a look for yourself:

Catrice - Hip Queens Wear Jeans_wm

There’s almost no shimmer to see on the nails. When I move my nails in very good lighting, the shimmer seems to appear sometimes.

To get over my dissapointment, I added a coat of Pure Ice – Heatbreaker. Now this is how it should have looked like, lol.

Hip Queens Wear Jeans   Heartbreaker_wm

Which version do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping by and until next time,