Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pimped Secret-Peri-Wink-le

Hi guys!

I want to share a beautiful nail polish combination with you today. I had Secret-Peri-Wink-le from China Glaze as a mani for a few days until I decided to pimp it up a little. I wasn't really in the mood for nailart, so I tried to layer a glitter polish over it that I got in Ethiopia: number 19 from Aics. It turned out to be a beautiful combination:

The Aics polish is sort of a glitter topcoat. In the bottle it appears to be purple with silver microglitter. When I applied this on Secret-Peri-Wink-le the purple isn't that noticable, but the silver is. Here's a close up picture of what it looks like:

Pretty, huh?! I'm definitly gonna layer this polish over some others to see what effect I can create! What do you think of this?

Thanks for stopping by,