Sunday, September 12, 2010

Models Own Betty Blue + Conclusion

Hi guys!
Today is the last day of the Models Own Week on my blog! This last polish that I'm going to show you, was the one I was looking most forward to: Betty Blue. It is a bright blue creme. One of the reasons I choose this polish is because I thought I'd be a good dupe for China Glaze Breakaway Bermuda. My bottle of BB is almost empty and I really love the color, so I decided to give Betty Blue a try. The two polishes aren't the same, I'll probably give you guys a comparison picture in the future.

I didn't like the application of this polish, couldn't get good coverage with this one. When applying a second coat, the brush took away some of the first coat. I eventually ended up using 3 coats (which I don't like for some reason, 2 coats = good polish for me). Luckily I like the result, pretty blue polish!

I'm satisfied after testing these 7 polishes from Models Own. I definitly like all the colors I got. I was really suprised by the application of some polishes, very good coverage and easy to work with! I'm a little sorry I only ordered cremes and jellies, because they have some amazing looking shimmers and glitters! But this gives me a good reason to order some time again!

Here are all the swatches together:

Thank you for stopping by!