Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catrice LE: Expect The Unexpected

Hi guys!

The new LE from Catrice is out (Sept/Oct): "Expect the Unexpected". There are 4 nail polish colors in this collection:

(Image from the Catrice website)

C01 – Spruced Up
C02 – Looking Greyt
C03 – Purposely Purple
C04 – Crispy Crimson

"The colours of the Ultimate Nail Lacquer are covering, long-lasting and add a special brilliance to the nails. The four ultimate in-colours complete every Autumn and Winter look."

I picked up Crispy Crimson and Spruced Up because those were the two colors that really spoke to me. I already have nail polishes similar to the other two so I didn't get them.

This one is Spruced Up. It's a beautiful gray/green creme. My camera didn't really pick up the green tone of the polish, but it's definitly there. It's pretty unique in my collection, so I'm really glad that I got this one.

The other one I got is Crispy Crimson. This is a berry that leans toward dark pink. Another great addition to my collection. This one is probably not so unique but I don't have a color like this in my collection.

The formula of these polishes was a little on the thick side, I had this problem with a lot of Catrice polishes. But luckly this is nothing that a little thinner can't fix!

I'm really glad that I got these two polishes from this collection. I think they're great colors for this fall. And this collection definitly gets bonuspoints from me because of the creme finishes! Maybe this collection isn't that outstanding to many people, but I think Catrice did a great job with this one. Great polish for a great price!

What do you guys think? Are you getting a polish from this collection?

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