Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi everyone!

I picked up Gosh - Holographic today. Since we are having a lot of sun these days in Belgium, I had to try this one out immediatly! This polish is AMAZING. Definitly the best holo I own!

The downside of this polish is that the application is a pain in the ass! When I applied the second coat the brush pulled away the first coat so some nails needed three coats. I applied the polish without base and top coat. Base coat made the application worse and top coat minimalized the holographic effect.

But lets look at the stunning photos now!

This picture was taken inside, so not in direct sunlight. As you can see, the holographic effect isn't noticable.

Now these pictures show the holographic effect PERFECTLY! I tried to capture the holo in different angles, so just have a look.

This polish is perfect for summer days like this with a lot of sun. I'm really amazed about this polish. I can't understand how polish can create this effect. I'm definitly in loooooooooove.

Do any of you have this polish? What are your favorite holos?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


susies1955 said...

Wow, SO pretty. :)

KarenD said...

I was fortunate to get this one in a swap, but haven't tried it yet. I'll have to remember your notes on application when I try it.

At the moment I'm liking the Milani holos; the don't look like much in the bottle, but really glow on the nail. They're reasonably priced, too.

I tagged you with the Cherry on Top award; see here for the scoop:

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