Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catrice swatches PART 1


Here are the first 4 Catrices that I've swatched for you guys!

First one is I Sea You. A gorgeous green creme. I used two coats, although one would have been enough.

It has some resemblance with Jade Is the New Black from OPI, but they are not dupes. Here's a comparison from a nail wheel. On the left I sea you! and on the right Jitnb.

Next one is It Blue My Mind. It's a blue shimmer. Normally I'm not into shimmers, but I wanted to try this one out because it looked very pretty in the bottle. Now I'm really glad I got it!

This one is Plum Play With Me. A plum creme. Not that special, but I don't have any other plums so it was a nice addition to my collection!

The last one for today is I Scream Peach!. This is a beautiful peachy creme. I absolutly looove this one, finally a peach that doesn't clash with my skintone! It's supposed to be a dupe for Chanels Orange Fizz, but I don't own that one so I can't give a comparison.

So that was it for today! Do you have any catrices? And whats your favorite one?

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KarenD said...

I've only got four Catrices (Blue's Brother, I Sea You, My Best Friend's Tiara, and Sold Out Forever) and have only worn one of them so far (Blue's Brother). I liked it; it only took two coats and lasted pretty well (except for a chip that was my own fault). I might need to add a Plum Play With Me to my wish list, even though I do have a lot of purple cremes already. :)

emily said...

love it!

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