Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Catrice Madness

Hi guys!

I finished my last exam today! Yay! Afterwards I went shopping with some friends. And I got some nail polish! I bought some Catrice Nail Polish. I already had a few from their new line, but still want sooo many of them. So everytime I go shopping I buy one or two. Today I bought It Blue My Mind and I Scream Peach! today.

Here's a picture of all my Catrices. I'm busy swatching all of them, so I'll post a post with the Catrice swatches very soon!!

All of them together:

From left to right: London's Weather Forecast - From Dusk To Dawn - Sold Out Forever - I Sea You!

From left to right: It Blue My Mind - Plum Play With Me - Just Married - I Scream Peach!

Thanks for stopping by!