Thursday, October 14, 2010

BB Couture for Men: Blue Collar

Hi everyone,

Last week I was lucky to win a twittergiveaway from Overall Beauty. I had read that it was going to include 2 random polishes + a polish from the BB Couture for Men collection, Blue Collar. But boy was I suprised when I got the package on monday! The package included Blue Collar, two polishes from Eyeko (Rain & Vintage polish), two samples of mineral eyeshadow and a mini manicure set! Great giveway, and the first one I every won! :)

So with this package I got my first polish from BB Couture! Blue collar is as I said a part of the mens collection, but hey, pretty on girls too ;-). Its a sky blue with subtle silver shimmer. I think its really pretty light blue, definitly unique in my stash.

I was very pleased with the application, two smooth coats did the job. In the future I'll definitly get some BB Couture (for men) polishes! What about you guys, anyone tried the Mens collection?

Thanks for stopping by,