Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hi guys!

Another veeeeeery hot day today. I love summer, but 30°C is just too much for me! I have a summery color for you guys today, Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine. This is my only neon polish, and I love it, so maybe I should get some more! I always hesitate because I think they will be TOO flashy, but hey, they are gorgeous!

The application was fine, so far no bad experiences with Sinful Colors! This was two coats.

Thanks for stopping by,
and enjoy your day!



Steffie said...

I love this color. Lovely

nihrida said...

Beautiful shade.

tasha~ said...

Love this color! I am a sucker for turquoise greens!

Veronica said...

I just purchased a few sinful colors polishes yesterday. I haven't tried them yet but based on your picture, this one looks great! I will be following your blog =]

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